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Urinary Bladder Meridian (Toot Tai Yang) Points

UB-23 (Shen Shu)


Chinese Name:

Shenshu 肾俞

English translation:

Kidney Shu


On the back, 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra.


Back-Shu point of the Kidney


  • Seminal emission, irregular menses, low back pain, impotence.
  • Edema, tinnitus, deafness.
  • Enuresis, vaginal discharge, visual dizziness, blurred vision, hematuria (blood lin), lin syndrome (milky lin), nephritis, asthma, emaciation/diabetes, emaciation/xu fatigue, diarrhea, fever, knees weak/cold, cold kidneys, headache, distension of sides/abdominal pain, genital pain.
  • Facial complexion is yellowish black, alopecia, poor digestion, rumbling intestines, haemorrhoids, deficient kidneys, nephroptosis, apoplexy due to Kidneys, seizures, anemia, sequelae of infantile paralysis, quadriplegia, sciatica, lack of energy.


Strengthens the Kidneys, tonifies Kidney Yang, nourishes Kidney Yin and Essence, strengthens Kidney's ability to grasp qi, benefits the ears and bones, strengthens the low back, resolves Dampness.


UB 23 is one of the most effective points to tonify the Kidneys. Back-Shu points are corresponding points on the back where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organ is infused. If the Five Zang organs are diseased, abnormal reactions appear on the Back-Shu points. Back-Shu points have a direct therapeutic effect on the diseases of the Five Zang organs. For more complete information on Back-Shu and Front-Mu points, click here.


Perpendicular insertion .5 - 1.0 cun.

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