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Urinary Bladder Meridian (Toot Tai Yang) Points

UB-60 (Kun Lun)



Chinese Name:

Kunlun 昆仑

English translation:

Kunlun Mountains


On the foot, behind the external malleolus, in the depression between the tip of the external malleolus and tendo calcaneus.


Jing-River point of the Urinary Bladder Meridian


  • Headache, stiff neck, visual dizziness, pain and spasm of shoulder and back, low back pain.
  • Pain in heel, epistaxis, infantile epilepsy, epilepsy, retained placenta, difficult labour, Bi syndrome of ankle, sciatica, foot swelling, malaria, paralysis of lower limbs, dyspnea.
  • Diseases of the head, aching among the upper teech, goiter, hypertension, pain in heart radiating to back, abdominal pain and throughflux diarrhea, intestinal tuberculosis, pain and swelling of genitals, pain in vagina, sterility in women, pain the interior of the renal region and of the vertebrae, all gladular disorders, pain in hand, pain in knee joint, spasms in calf, swelling of limbs.


Expels Wind, clears Heat, relaxes the sinews, removes obstructions from the meridian, promotes labor.


UB 60 is an important point to help ease difficult labor. Jing-River points are where the qi of the meridian begins to flow more heavily. They are known to treat cough and asthma due to pathogenic cold or heat.


Perpendicular insertion .5 - 1.0 cun.

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