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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Withdrawal and Refund Policy


When a student needs to withdraw from the program either before commencement of classes or after commencement of classes, it is required that the student fill out a withdraw letter. These are available in the administration office. The tuition pre-payment is as follows;


1.  Refund of fees - Before classes commences:

If a student wishes to terminate their contract from the program before classes commences, the licensee (ACATCM) is entitled to any registration fee paid by or on behalf of the student.

If the licensee (ACATCM) terminates a student’s contract before classes have commenced, or the classes does not commence by the training date was suppose to commence, as stated on the contract, then the licensee (ACATCM) will refund any registration fee that has been paid by or on the behalf of the student.


2.  Refund of fees - After classes commences:

If either the student or licensee (ACATCM) terminates a student contract after the classes have commenced, the licensee (ACATCM) is entitled to the following amounts of tuition:

  • when 10% or less of the program of instruction has been provided, 25% of the student’s tuition;
  • when more than 10% but 50% or less of the program of instruction has been provided, 60% of the student’s tuition;
  • when more than 50% of the program of instruction has been provided, 100% of the student’s tuition.

When a loan funded student withdraws due to *absence, the first day of the consecutive absences will be used as the withdrawal date. Refunds owing to a student loan funded student will be sent directly to the student loan.

* When a student has five consecutive unexcused absences and does not notify the ministry of their withdrawal, the institution must consider the student as having been withdrawn effective on the first day of absence.

For example, if a student is absent without an excuse on class day 1, class day 2, class day 3, class day 4, and class day 5, the institution must consider the student as having been withdrawn on class day 1, as this was the first absence. This is the deemed withdrawal date.

If a student has excessive absences that will prevent them from successfully completing their program within the scheduled study period, the institution must withdraw the student from studies using their last date of attendance as the withdrawal date.


3.  Payment of refunds

If a student paid for their own tuition, the tuition will be paid back to the student.

In accordance with the Private Vocation Training Regulation, if the licensee (ACATCM) receives payment of a student’s tuition from a government agency or person other than the student, any refund of the student’s tuition must be paid to the government, agency or other person.


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