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Acupuncture Diploma

Program Length: 3-Year

Part-time Study Possible

Recognized across Canada and world-wide. Doctor of Acupuncture is a designated title for registered acupuncturists.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma

Program Length: 4-Year

This is a Double-Major program. Full-time student will receive a Diploma in Acupuncture at the end of the 3rd year and may proceed to the licensing process thereafter.

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Dr. Benny Xu

Dr. Benny Xu

Your Success Starts Here

Empowering leaders, transforming lives.

At ACATCM, we don’t just anticipate the future; we shape it. Leadership and innovation are in our DNA. As you consider joining our community, know that you’re not just choosing a place of learning; you’re stepping into a role where you can genuinely make a difference in the world of healthcare.

Dr benny xu

Your Success Starts Here

Empowering leaders, transforming lives.

At ACATCM, we don’t just anticipate the future; we shape it. Leadership and innovation are in our DNA. As you consider joining our community, know that you’re not just choosing a place of learning; you’re stepping into a role where you can genuinely make a difference in the world of healthcare.

Study at ACATCM

Trusted and proven, ACATCM offers exceptional Acupuncture & TCM programs with remarkable Pan-Canadian exam success, consistently outperforming its peers.

With a focus on advancing the profession and enhancing student learning, our dedication is reflected in our expert faculty, innovative research, top-notch facilities, and comprehensive support services, positioning us at the forefront of TCM and acupuncture education.

Xiao YangXiao Yang
19:36 15 Jun 24
I experienced a very good massage treatment. It makes me relaxed!
Devon PeifferDevon Peiffer
20:30 10 Jun 24
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️My experience at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine was nothing short of exceptional. The faculty members are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their field, providing a stimulating learning environment. The curriculum is comprehensive, blending traditional teachings with modern research, giving students a well-rounded education in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The hands-on training opportunities were invaluable, allowing me to develop my skills with real patients under the guidance of experienced practitioners. Overall, I highly recommend Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to anyone interested in pursuing a career in this fascinating field.
Janet HawkerJanet Hawker
17:08 08 Jun 24
My experience here has been fabulous! Wonderful treatments with very professional practitioners. The clinic is very clean and well maintained. I’m greeted with a friendly reception and it’s easy to make future appointments. The parking is convenient right behind the building. I would recommend the ACATCM clinic for acupuncture treatments.
Banku gameBanku game
14:35 22 May 24
Dr.Dennis’s diagnosis was very quick and straight to the point. He flawlessly palpated and applied the points he saw fit. I did not feel the slightest bit of pain for even a moment throughout the treatment. I was left to relax after Dr.Dennis had placed all the acupuncture needles on me. While waiting none of the needles had bothered me. And by the end of the treatment I felt as light as a feather and my muscle tension was relieved. All in all it was an effective and successful treatment.
04:54 26 Apr 24
I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Kyle, it was an outstanding experience. Dr. Kyle is not only a skilled acupuncturist but also an exceptional teacher. She explains complex concepts with clarity and ensures that all students grasp the material thoroughly.Her approach to teaching is patient and thoughtful, making learning a truly enriching experience. Dr. Kyle's dedication to her students’ success and well-being is evident in her classes.I highly recommend Dr. Kyle to anyone interested in studying acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Her expertise and teaching style make learning both enjoyable and effective.
Kerry AtkinsonKerry Atkinson
17:46 24 Apr 24
Nothing but positive things to say about this place, start to finish. Front staff is friendly, lobby is beautiful. Dr Mitchel Lewadny is a miracle worker and his acupuncture and overall knowledge has helped me with multiple physical and mental injuries and afflictions. Highly recommended to everyone!
Leah JackLeah Jack
20:08 22 Apr 24
So very relaxing, would for sure come again 🙂
katherine jackkatherine jack
20:05 22 Apr 24
Very relaxing! I will be coming again.
Chris LamChris Lam
17:45 22 Apr 24
This campus is spacious and the instructors are very patient and passionate to teach, share their experiences with us. I feel proud to be one of the students here and highly recommended for those who interested in this industry.
Hyunjun ParkHyunjun Park
16:19 22 Apr 24
Wow, what a difference! Solved my back pain in 1 visit! Thanks, Dr.Xia, for your expertise and humor during my visit. Your skilled hands changed my day!
Michelle KPMichelle KP
16:17 22 Apr 24
Dr. Amanda is amazing! After initial visit, my lower back pain was completely gone!! Also referred her to my husband and his back pain was incredibly gone! Couldn’t recommend enough!!
Stephy FungStephy Fung
03:44 22 Apr 24
Dr Amanda is very professional and informative, she based on my needs to explain in details and I can feel the relaxation after treatment.
amy dingamy ding
03:42 22 Apr 24
Very effective treatment and excellent service! Doctor Pun is extremely thoughtful and helpful!
Hey! ConnieHey! Connie
19:22 21 Apr 24
Good experience! Recommended!
Jason LinJason Lin
17:25 21 Apr 24
Very good school!
Gigi ChuiGigi Chui
04:20 20 Apr 24
Dr. Amanda Xia is professional and knowledgeable. She helped me with acupuncture and provided some useful advice. All staff are nice, patient, and caring!
Mia KouMia Kou
18:01 17 Apr 24
Cheryl MCheryl M
17:17 17 Apr 24
I love receiving Accpunture treatment. Seeing a student or a doctor, I have had a great experience. There is parking so this is a nice bonus. I have met many great students through this college. Either the 12th or 20th location is worth going to. I highly recommend!
Yongxian ShengYongxian Sheng
14:42 15 Apr 24
after a several time of massage and acupuncture, my back pain getting better.
Lana LiuLana Liu
14:38 15 Apr 24
Doctor Feng is so professional, makes my back muscle pain less than before.
Anil BharathAnil Bharath
21:28 12 Apr 24
It’s great to be able to get treatment from them my doctor told me they can’t do much for me but cure me with my sinus infection thank you 🙏🏻
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Proud to be the Alberta original with a remarkable success in education and research

Licensing Exams Passing Rate

Outperforming competitors with consistently remarkable scores in the Pan-Canadian Licensing Exams

Job Replacement

With 100% job replacement rate, and 99% of the graduates are still actively practicing

Student Portal

Focusing on student experience and learning-outcomes, myACATCM is truly a state-of-the-art architecture

Residents Clinic

The Huatuo Clinic boasts the largest and most advanced acupuncture and TCM clinic facility in Canada.

Research Focused

Second-to-none acupuncture research programs that partnered with the University of Calgary and Alberta Government

Scholarly Research

Advancing Health, Transforming Lives Through Excellence in Research

Living with a disability? If you’re experiencing pain and/or mental health challenges from your condition,
 join the Alberta Innovative Disabilities Program (AIDP), it’s free of charge.

Huatuo clinic

Practicing Facility

Unlock the healing potential of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a calm and balanced mind.

The Huatuo Clinic, a subsidiary of ACATCM, serves both as a treatment facility and a student practice center. It integrates traditional and modern practices, focusing on a patient-centered approach. The clinic is recognized by patients for its commitment to health and education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. It supports the training of future TCM practitioners, aligning with ACATCM’s goal to advance healthcare through education and practice.


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