Facility & Resources

Library Resources 

The ACATCM recognizes that access to learning resources and services is vital for student learning and success. The ACATCM on-campus library is more than just books, rather, a resource to help students think critically, evaluate information, and apply practical skills.  

Practicing Facility  

Our fully equipped treatment rooms include state-of-the-art moxibustion technology, infrared heat lamps, and high-quality acupuncture needles for day-to-day practice. All treatment rooms are fully equipped to allow residents and students to focus on administering exceptional patient-centred treatments.

Parking on campus and Calgary transit

The ACATCM campus is in two separate locations- SAIT, & ACATCM main office and clinic. There is ample paid parking at SAIT. The ACATCM main office and clinic has lots of free street parking.  Both SAIT and the ACATCM clinic are close to the SAIT LRT and Lion’s Park LRT Station. 

Email account 

We provide free email accounts to students with the acatcm.com domain. This email account also provides students with access to our state-of-the-art student information system and learning management system.

Microsoft Office365 

As a student with the ACATCM, you will receive a Microsoft Office 365 account along with our stellar online learning program. This account provides everything you would need to be successful in your studies. These services include: 

  • Personalized email address specific for any school correspondence. 
  • Microsoft’s suite of services including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others 
  • You receive a One-drive account with expanded storage so you can access your presentation, report, or any other files anywhere. 

Student Wellness Services

  • The ACATCM is a community of support to provide mental and physical health resources. 
  • Student Health and well-being are an essential focus at the ACATCM. Providing a quality campus where students can develop, get the support they need, and thrive in school is important. Students are able to receive complimentary treatments when they need them at our treatment center in addition to receiving discounts on herbal supplies and treatment supplies. 

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