At ACATCM we are committed to conducting meaningful research that has a
profound impact on individuals while paving advancements in traditional
Chinese medicine.

We believe the pursuit and power of research are pivotal to learning about
and advancing TCM.

Research helps us benefit the lives of many through a network of
partnerships and collaborations. This role is critical as it aids the development
of the traditional Chinese medicine profession- allowing a greater reach to
help individual well-being and community.

Past Projects

See our past research projects including the Complementary Health Integration Project (C.H.I.P) that we recently completed with the University of Calgary.

Ongoing Projects

Take a look at our ongoing research project the Society Health Integration Project (S.H.I.P) and see if you would like to participate.

Upcoming Projects

See if there are any upcoming research projects you would like to join or if any of the topics are interesting to you.


Here you can find publications from past research projects, and a selection of research articles about the treatments we provide, such as Moxibustion, written by others in the past.

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