Becoming a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Enroll the 4-year TCM Double-Major
Graduate Receives Both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Double-Major Program awards a Diploma in Acupuncture upon completion of the 3rd year, with the opportunity to proceed to licensing. Graduates also earn a Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma, preparing them to become skilled TCM doctors. ACATCM, a leader in Canadian TCM education, provides comprehensive training in all TCM modalities, equipping graduates with a deep understanding of this time-honored practice and the ability to apply it effectively.

Program Length: 4-year, full-time study

Admission intakes:
Fall/Winter Semester
Winter/Spring Semester

Application Deadline:
For Fall/Winter semester, July 31st, each year.
For Winter/Spring semester, November 30th, each year.

Financial Assistance:
Available for the first 3-year acupuncture related education through Alberta and Canada Student Aid

Part-time Study:
Allowed Up-to 6-year for completion

Steps to enroll our Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma Program:

Step 1
Ensure you meet the eligibility requirement. Click here to check details.

Step 2
Apply Online. Ensure all required information are filled to your best knowledge, and all supporting documents have been upload prior to submission.

Step 3
One of our program administers will review your admission submission, and will be in contact to schedule an interview. Additional information might be required.

Program Intro

The Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers both TCM theory and practical application, as well as western biomedical sciences, research methodologies, and professional development skills. Extensive clinical experience is also included to ensure graduates are fully prepared to be competent and reflective practitioners.

This rigorous program demands full-time commitment and dedication, taking four years to complete. At ACATCM, we are committed to providing our students with a top-notch learning experience. Schedule a school tour to visit our campus and learn more.

Side note:
The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diverge from those of modern Western medicine. As the oldest form of medicine, TCM has played an integral role in China’s primary healthcare system throughout history. In the West, many alternative and complementary medical schools have adopted or draw inspiration from TCM’s theories and treatment methods. While acupuncture is the most popular TCM modality in the West, other treatments such as herbal medicine, tuina, cupping, exercise, and lifestyle management may be less familiar.

Important Notes:

  • Upon graduation, graduates can apply for licensing with the governing body.
  • The title of Dr. of Acupuncture is reserved for registered acupuncturists in Alberta.
  • Please note that financial assistance is not available for the Traditional Chinese Medicine program, as it is not regulated in Alberta.

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