Becoming a Doctor of Acupuncture

Enroll our 3-year Acupuncture Diploma program
Doctor of Acupuncture is a designated title for registered acupuncturists

Diploma in Acupuncture

This esteemed program is both proven and trusted, equipping graduates with the expertise to master the full scope of acupuncture and integrate various facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into their daily practice. With a comprehensive education, graduates are equipped with the necessary tools and qualifications to skillfully handle any clinical scenario that may arise.

Program Length: 3-year, full-time study

Admission intakes:
Fall/Winter Semester
Winter/Spring Semester

Application Deadline:
For Fall/Winter semester, July 31st, each year.
For Winter/Spring semester, November 30th, each year.

Financial Assistance:
Available through Alberta and Canada Student Aid

Part-time Study:
Allowed Up-to 6-year for completion

Steps to enroll our Acupuncture Diploma Program:

Step 1
Ensure you meet the eligibility requirement. Click here to check details.

Step 2
Apply Online. Ensure all required information are filled to your best knowledge, and all supporting documents have been upload prior to submission.

Step 3
One of our program administers will review your admission submission, and will be in contact to schedule an interview. Additional information might be required.

Program Intro

Proven by consistently achieving 100% passing rates in successive Pan-Canadian Licensing Exams, our unparalleled success is a result of the accumulation of years of experience. Our acupuncture program has been proven to be the most comprehensive and well-rounded in Canada. Students will establish superior knowledge and skills through classroom instruction, extensive hands-on training, and active in-person support.

This three-year program will allow students to deeply explore the theoretical and clinical concepts of Acupuncture and TCM. Students will also learn the ancient philosophies, diagnostic principles, treatment techniques, as well as the foundations of Western medical science.

With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, ample clinical training, support services, and research opportunities, our graduates are ready to flourish.

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