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International Acupuncture Foundation Program

International Acupuncture Foundation Program

The International Acupuncture Foundation Program (IAFP) is a program designed for international students who have demonstrated the educational proficiency and qualifications needed for an administration to our school, excluding the requirements to a certain level of credentials in English.

This program is designed to prepare students to successfully complete our diploma studies in Acupuncture.

Students who enroll are automatically accepted into our Acupuncture Diploma program upon completion. If the student fails to complete the course, their admission to a diploma program is void and a re-application to the IAFP is needed.


Build Your Future With ACATCM Education

At ACATCM, we provide a first-class learning experience to students, and proudly so. Our Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine education leadership are recognized across Canada, the US (NCCAOM) and China.

  • Unrivalled Pan-Canadian Exams Success
  • International and Industry Recognition Awards
  • Innovative Programs Designed to Enhance The Learner Experience
  • A Proud Tradition of Academic Excellence, Achievements, Positive Atmosphere, and Joy of Learning.
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