Happy Chinese New Year!

Tiger 2022

Chinese New Year, often known as the Lunar New Year, is one of the biggest celebrations in China and other East Asian countries. Traditionally, it is a 15-day celebration festival that lasts until the following new full moon, with lots of loud noises, bright lights, fireworks, red clothes, and decorations to scare away monsters for the betterment of the upcoming year. On the very last day of the Lantern Festival, it’s customary to hang lanterns in temples or to carry them during the New Year parade. It is also the time of the year that families gather up to honor their ancestors with all kinds of food. In 2022, Chinese New Year falls on the day of the new moon, which will be the 1st of February.

The Tiger represents courage, determination, and strength. This year is thus meant to bring more confidence to individuals, encouraging them to take on projects that they would otherwise be hesitant to carry out. This year will bring to many the fortitude to overcome any challenges. Our society as a whole will become more focused towards justice and the greater good. However, this can bring about a certain level of obstinacy and inflexibility in individuals.

2022 is not only the year of the Tiger… it’s also the year of ACATCM’s 25th anniversary!

It has been ACATCM’s mission since 1997 to provide our community with the highest degree of excellence in education and services within the fields of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please join us in celebrating our accomplishments over the years!

ACATCM is built on three fundamental goals:

  • advancing education in the fields of acupuncture and TCM
  • providing quality treatment to our community
  • upholding research into the different facets of acupuncture and TCM

As such, in light of the new year, we would like to celebrate the incredible success of our premier research program AB.CHIP – the Complementary Health Integration Project.

ACATCM would also like to celebrate our 25th anniversary with many of our amazing partnerships, including the Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese, and the University of Calgary.

As well, our onsite Huatuo Clinic has also been providing complementary treatment to our community on top of our CHIP research program. Including our Community-Outreach Weekends program. For more, information visit https://www.huatuoclinic.com/

We want to give a big thanks to our incredible team of doctors and administrative staff. None of our achievements would be possible without our remarkable team. We are excited to see what the next 25 years have to hold!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Xinnian Kuaile!


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