Overview of Study

Life at ACATCM is exciting! Here is a short overview of studying at ACATCM.

ACATCM runs on a two-semester academic year. Classes are held Monday to Fridays from September till the end of June.

Students can expect to be in class and school up to 30 hours per week. (5-6 hours per day). During the academic year, students can expect to complete midterm exams, final exams, quizzes, and projects. We encourage students to keep up and comprehend the information being presented. At ACATCM we want to see all students succeed.

Course-Based Evaluation
Courses at ACATCM are typically “sequential-based”, courses listed in the semester are mostly the prerequisites for the coming semester. Another to look at this is every course counts. Your year-end results are simply an aggregation of marks in these individual courses. Students must complete the prerequisite course before allowed to enroll in the sequential course.

Understand how courses and programs work will help you to go a long way.

  • Find out what courses are required for the upcoming semester with our staff or faculty members.
  • Choose your focus according to your background and ability, create a personalized timetable.
  • A typical course at ACATCM consists of a number of assignments, quizzes, midterm examination and a final examination. Attendance is likely accounted for the final score.
  • There is no “all-or-nothing” exam for any courses. Make sure you understand how each course works.

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