President D. Colton OswaldDuring these times of social distancing and business closures some are relaxing and taking it easy – but not us. We are busier than ever building on our strong foundation, and this brand new website is only the beginning. We are well known for being a great educational institution but having our classes moved to an online platform has opened our eyes to a world of possibilities. The lessons we are learning will not only flow down to our classrooms when we return to live to teach but will open the way for delivery of more CEU events for our alumni and TCM community as well as new educational opportunities for the public.

Chinese medicine is overflowing with metaphors about water – pardon the pun. We talk about it as being the softest substance that can overcome the hardest. This is seen in rivers, who’s job is to move mountains to the sea. When water encounters obstacles it builds and builds until what was stopping it can no longer hold it back. This is how we are approaching this time: we are building. We are building a new online educational platform that will be uniquely our own. We are building improved techniques for the delivery of our classes. Most importantly though, we are building in team spirit. ACATCM has always prided itself on being like a big family, and there is nothing like a crisis to bring everyone together.

To our student, staff, and faculty I offer my heartfelt thank you.

Dr. Colton Oswald, Co-President