President’s message


The Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACATCM) is a dynamic, multicultural, community and leader in acupuncture education, research, and development. Our vision is to train elite-level practitioners who will carry the acupuncture profession into the future.

Being the oldest active acupuncture institution in Canada, our twenty-six years of experience has elevated acupuncture to the front line of health care in Alberta. This was most evident in our major contribution to the first of its kind joint research project known as ABCHIP (Alberta Complementary Health Integration Program). In collaboration with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health, ACATCM provided over 8000 acupuncture treatments focusing on pain, mental health, and addictions. Our clinical outcomes are as follows:

  • 83% reduction in pain
  • 79% reduction in depression
  • 41% reduction in anxiety
  • 53% increase in sleep quality
  • 43% increase in overall quality of life

As we move forward the ACATCM will continue to spearhead education, research, and community support to help those in need. It is more evident now than ever that society is in need of superior practitioners to combat the ever-changing health issues that modern times bring.

I welcome you all to give us the honor to guide you to a healthier life whether it be as a student, patient, or member of the community.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Dennis Lee, President

January 2023

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