President’s message

President's Message

The flow of the seasons is central to Chinese medicine. Spring is a time of new growth and renewal.

In keeping with this, our organization is pleased to announce a new program called C.H.I.P. This is short for the Complementary Health Integration Project.

CHIP is a community-based research project that is being run in conjunction with the University of Calgary and represents a step toward the integration of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, or CAM, in helping those impacted by Covid-19 in Alberta.

The current CHIP program is aimed at the pain, mental health, and addictions in those under the age of 24 and over the age of 55. People who qualify for this program will receive CAM care at no charge.

Our College will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022. We see CHIP as a means for us to give back by contributing our expertise in education and acupuncture practice in an integrative community health program.

Education excellence has always been our mission. Covid-19 not stopping us from pursuing our goals or advancing our profession.

Welcome to ACATCM, I invite you to see for yourself as a student, patient, or as a member of the community.

Dr. Colton Oswald, Co-President, Acupuncturist

May 2021

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