Treatment Centre

Huatuo Clinic

The onsite ACATCM treatment centre and research clinic.

The Huatuo Clinic is more than just a health clinic, it’s a place where dedicated educators mentor aspiring TCM practitioners, it’s a place where the highest standards for patient care and treatment are set.  Practitioners, students, and researchers at the ACATCM combine the highest levels of academic achievement to provide the best patient-centred care possible.  

The Huatuo Clinic incorporates the latest research to provide quality results that benefit patients. While known for its work in mental health and addiction recovery, ACATCM continues to be committed to collaborating with prestigious universities, focusing on quality research that brings a positive impact to patients.

Patient-driven, Excellent Results

Hear what people are saying about our Student Clinic! 

Never Stop Advancing

At the ACATCM we prevent a stagnant mindset by taking every opportunity to discover something new.  

Use our experience to develop new protocols 

As new knowledge and methods are introduced to acupuncture and TCM, we take the time to test and review these components against and within already established protocols. This gives students and specialist doctors alike a chance to get first-hand experience with new exciting methods without compromising treatment efficacy. 

Most recently the CHIP program lent our practitioners an exciting opportunity to put years of clinical experience to the test in developing unique protocols for a multitude of conditions including mental health, addictions, and a wide range of pain. 

Curriculum development adjusts to fit developments within the clinic and research 

Our experiences in the clinic that change how we understand Acupuncture and TCM have implications on how we teach our program. As our knowledge grows, so too does the program. This growth in the program continues to ensure the program produces residents and practitioners that are knowledgeable and clinically effective in the most up-to-date methods.  

Advance through affiliations 

The ACATCM clinic also benefits through our many relationships. Thanks to our partners we can pioneer many novel treatment methods and experiment with them in new clinical settings. This is best demonstrated through our usage of Heat Sensitive Moxibustion throughout the clinic.  

This unique development in TCM is exclusive to our clinic and our students have a chance to practice and develop skills relevant to their future practice. 

Stay ahead of the trends 

We encourage curiosity and personal development across the entirety of our institution. What our students, instructors, and clinicians are interested in and what new or lesser-used method needs more attention. With this mindset, we can grow and adapt to the latest trends within the industry without becoming restricted by them.  

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