What are the factors to consider when choosing between part-time and full-time study at ACATCM?

ACATCM offers students the option to study either full-time or part-time, with most students choosing full-time study. The main differences between the two options are the time it takes to complete the program, the number of courses taken per semester, and the amount of time spent in class and clinical practice.

Completion time: The full-time Acupuncture program is 3 years long, while the Traditional Chinese Medicine Double Major program is 4 years long. Part-time students have up to 6 years to complete their chosen program.

Course load: Full-time students typically take 4-5 courses and attend 20-25 hours of classes per week, in addition to clinical practice hours that vary by semester. Part-time students typically take 5-15 hours of classes per week, and must carefully plan their class schedule to ensure they complete the program within the 6-year time limit. Part-time study is often chosen by students who have work or family commitments that require a more flexible schedule.

Clinical practice: The overall clinical practice time does not differ between full-time and part-time students. Clinical practice is offered in blocks, and students can choose the block that best suits their schedule. The length of clinical practice does not change based on enrollment status.

It is important for students to consider their personal commitments, ability to balance work and study, and financial situation when choosing between full-time and part-time study. Speaking with an academic advisor can also help ensure that program requirements can be met within the desired timeframe.

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