C.A.S.E 2019 – Xiamen


China Annual Students Exchange (C.A.S.E.) 2019 took place between April 4th – 18th. Check our Flickr Page for more photos.


Ending the visit to Jiangxi, the delegation took a high-speed train south of the coastal city – Xiamen. The group visited and participated in the three-day “Fujian Province Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Conference”.


The Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the only foreign academic and medical institution invited to receive this kind of attention and received a warm reception from the conference organizers. The students were excited to see such an open exchange of ideas and info and were inspired by the idea of this type of conference coming to Canada.


The conference organizers also invited Professor Rixin Chen, the founder of the Heat Sensitive Moxibustion, and his team to participate in an academic exchange on Heat Sensitive Moxibustion. Many provincial experts held special lectures to introduce new technologies, new achievements and new progress in moxibustion in recent years.


The students of the delegation seized this rare opportunity and actively asked questions and discussed their impact. The three-day conference was an overall interesting academic exchange, and the students were treated to a rewarding and worthwhile event.

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