We are pleased to announce the founding of the Sino North American partnership for Chinese Medicine (SNAPTCM).

An inaugural ceremony was held on April 21st at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre and was attended by many business and political leaders and media from both Canada and China. Headquartered in Calgary, SNAPTCM is a historic partnership between China’s State administration for Chinese medicine, the Ministry of Technology and Beijing Wanfang Data Ltd. with Canada’s ACATCM (Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Huatuo Institute, and the Huatuo Health Society. These organizations are coming together to increase the prominence of TCM in North America for the betterment of health.

This ceremony was held in conjunction with a 3-day seminar entitled ‘Moxibustion Rediscovered’ taught by one of China’s most renowned doctors, Chen Rixin. Moxibustion is a therapeutic method related to acupuncture, and Dr. Chen’s evidence-based system is quickly becoming the standard throughout China. Nearly 60 professionals attended the seminar. On the final day, the participants used moxibustion to treat several hundred patients under the supervision of Dr. Chen and his senior students.

ACATCM is honoured to be the first educational institution accredited under SNAPTCM and has been charged with overseeing the accreditation process for other institutions. The ACATCM was chosen for this role over many other North American institutions because of its strong team, its core values, and the grassroots support it has within the community. This was amply demonstrated by the success of the weekend’s events which could not have happened without the help of dozens of volunteers.

Education and health are just aspects of SNAPTCM’s vision. The breadth of the organizations and the depth of talent involved will allow them to contribute to the economy of North America as well. SNAPTCM will be involved in clinical research, tourism, agriculture, real estate development and management, and much more – all guided by the vision of promoting healthy communities through Chinese medicine.

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