With the news of outbreaks within Calgary Schools and hospitals as well as high-ranking officials contracting the disease, we need to make sure we remain diligent with our own safety.

To do this we will be reminding all of our students and staff of all the steps in place to keep everyone safe and increase our auditing to make sure everyone is following suit.

Procedure Highlights:

  • Any person arriving at the clinic needs to fill out a screening form and have their temperature checked with no exceptions.
  • Patients and staff need to wear a mask at all times, the only exceptions are when eating and in this event, social distancing should be observed.
  • In treatments, masks need to be worn as well to respect the safety of interns and observers and observe the mask mandate made by the City of Calgary.
  • Acceptable masks include cloth coverings or procedural/surgical masks unless an exception is made face shields will not be accepted as acceptable protection.

All students, staff, patients, and visitors are expected to follow Covid-19 rules, guidelines, and government recommendations and requirements during this exceptional time. Please consult with our administration if one has any questions about ACATCM Covid-19 safety rules and procedures.

ACATCM Administration

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