Our Leadership

Leading By Example

Leading by example, our founder, Dr. Benny Xu, had a dedicated passion for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. He pioneered a movement that began in the early 1990’s playing an instrumental part in transforming the acupuncture profession from ‘Alberta Labour’ to ‘Alberta health’ and received the Alberta Centennial Medal for his outstanding service and contribution.

Dr. Xu’s continual dedication to acupuncture and TCM development and advancement led to partnerships with the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine, and the Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently, ACATCM developed a partnership with the University of Calgary, in collaboration with the Alberta government, to establish the “Alberta Complementary Health Integration Project” (ABCHIP), expanding research on pain, mental health and addiction-related health issues.

Dr. Xu continues to actively advocate for the education and advancement of TCM and served as a member of many committees and councils including the Advisory Committee for The Integrated Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Alberta Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council, and currently serves as a member of the Alberta Premier’s Council on Charities and Civil Society.

Exceptional Graduates Success

This statistic is thanks to a lot of hard work and commitment from our instructor, clinic preceptors, and the focus of our students along with the experience 25 years can lend to our programs.

The ACATCM has an exceptional record when it comes to our graduates becoming licensed across Canada and internationally. Throughout our history, 98% of those who graduate from either our Acupuncture or TCM program clear any regulations and become acupuncturists.

Serving The Greater Community

As a leader in TCM and acupuncture, we strive to keep our community happy, healthy, and active. We believe community impact fosters global impact. 

The ACATCM supports a diverse community by striving to reduce barriers to make TCM and acupuncture accessible to all people. One way we do this is by providing free weekend acupuncture appointments for the public and free treatments for those undergoing addiction rehabilitation. 

ACATCM additionally helps support the community by: 

  • Sponsoring community events 
  • Donating to various associations & centers 
  • Volunteering for counsels and associations 
  • Creating partnerships to provide acupuncture treatment free of charge

Results-Driven Treatment Centre

Huatuo Clinic is the onsite ACATCM treatment centre and research clinic.

The Huatuo Clinic is more than just a health clinic, it’s a place where dedicated educators mentor aspiring TCM practitioners, it’s a place where the highest standards for patient care and treatment are set.  Practitioners, students, and researchers at the ACATCM combine the highest levels of academic achievement to provide the best patient-centred care possible.  

The Huatuo Clinic incorporates the latest research to provide quality results that benefit patients. While known for its work in mental health and addiction recovery, ACATCM continues to be committed to collaborating with prestigious universities, focusing on quality research that brings a positive impact to patients.

For a personalized health experience that meets patient needs. contact us at the Huatuo Clinic.

Advancing The Profession Through Research

At the ACATCM we believe the pursuit and power of research are pivotal to learning about and advancing traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Research helps us benefit the lives of many through a network of partnerships and collaborations.  

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