Alberta Re-launch Update

Dear Students,

On April 30th, the Alberta Government announced to re-launch/re-open ALL allied healthcare professions. We are excited to see that the Alberta government will soon be relaxing public health measures, and here is the latest update on Covid-19 related to ACATCM.

Classroom Reopen

As our programs are allowed for delivery during the Covid-19 crisis; however, how programs are delivered with reopening will be dependent on what restrictions remain in place at each relaunch phase. At this time, all courses will remain to be delivered online as we are waiting for government guidelines.

Intern Clinic Reopen

Alberta Government permits the clinic to reopen as soon as today (May 4th); however, this requires the Approved Guideline set by the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta.

We have an adequate amount of disinfection and PPE supplies stocked at the clinic for reopening, and we will ensure the Guideline for Reopening is fully followed once it finalized and approved.

At the moment, we expect our Intern Clinic will reopen by May 11th (Approved Guideline dependent), detailed guidelines will be sent to all students once available.

Office Reopen

Our office will reopen at the same time as Intern Clinic.

We hope everyone is safe and doing well during this crisis, and we would like to assure our students that we are doing everything we can to have a safe reopen. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

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Dr. Benny Xu, Executive Director

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