What are the steps to becoming a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine and would like to becoming a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, at ACATCM, we offers various program options and pathways.

New Student: The TCM Double Major program is the recommended path for students who want to pursue both acupuncture and TCM. By enrolling in this program from the beginning, students can receive the Acupuncture Diploma after completing the third year of study, take the acupuncture licensing exam, and become a registered acupuncturist while completing the remaining TCM courses in the fourth year.

Current Student: For students who started with the Acupuncture program and wish to transfer to the TCMD program, the best practice is to do so during the first year of study to complete everything within four years.

Acupuncture Graduates: On the other hand, for acupuncture graduates who want to upgrade to the TCM program, it takes two years of part-time study. The TCM program involves significantly more hours of study compared to the acupuncture program. The acupuncture program consists of 2668 hours of study, while the TCM program consists of 4365 hours of study.

Before making any decisions about upgrading or enrolling in the TCMD program, it is recommended that you speak with an academic advisor at ACATCM to determine your class schedules and tuition fee options. The TCMD program is highly recommended as it provides numerous advantages over the acupuncture program, including

  • enhanced knowledge and skills in TCM theories and principles,
  • increased depth and breadth of clinical experience,
  • the ability to offer a broader range of services to patients,
  • increased career opportunities and earning potential,
  • and being future-ready for TCM regulations and licensing requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about the TCMD program and how it can empower your career in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, contact ACATCM today.

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